Clay Tray Gianniotiko Baklava with Almond


Traditional Gianniotikos baklava with almond in a clay tray.

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Clay tray containing Gianniotiko baklava with almond.

Beirut filo {flour WHEAT (flour improvers: ascorbic acid, enzymes: α-amylase), starch, salt, preservative: Potassium sorbate}. ALMOND, PEANUT, sugarBUTTER , from cow, vegetable fats and oils partially hydrogenated, EGG, cinnamon, vanilla, aroma, pigment: β carotene, antioxidant: BHA, sponge cake, (EGG, sugar, flour WHEAT, starch, leavening agent: sodium carbonate, acidifier: diphosphate, citric acid, emulsifiers, lecithin SOY. E470. E471. E477, glycerin, propylene glycol) cinnamon, vanilla, glucose, (contains SULFY).

Shelf life: 4 MONTHS

Keep in a cool environment (<18 ο C)

It is prepared in the Confectionery workshops of DIETHNES SA on L. Stavrou Niarchou - Ioannina.



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Πήλινο Σκεύος Γιαννιώτικο Μπακλαβά με Αμύγδαλο
Clay Tray Gianniotiko Baklava with Almond