Syrupy Sweets
Kantaifi with ice cream. A favorite combination ...
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Syrupy sweets

Traditional Gianniotika syrupy sweets

Syrupy sweets or Pan sweets

Tasty and sweet sin the syrupy sweets. No confectioner can resist them. The term syrupy brings to mind most sweets with filo pastry, filling and of course… syrup.

Chocolate Delight

Who can resist chocolate ...

Syrupy sweets or Pan sweets

There are few foods that make us crave as much as chocolate. Folklore from many cultures informs us that the consumption of chocolate instills faith, health, strength and sexual passion.

Homemade Ice Creams

Ice creams made with pure ingredients and art

Homemade Ice Creams

It can not be more homemade! Homemade delicious ice cream with pure ingredients… a special recipe that combines enjoyment and health… an icy taste that you have never tried before!

Sweet breads

The most fluffy and delicious sweet breads

Sweet breads with zyme

Flavored sweet breads made with natural yeast and rich texture!

Timeless flavors

We honor our confectionery tradition by maintaining our timeless recipes and always choosing the purest ingredients.


Syrupy sweets

Ice creams

Cream cakes



Sweet breads


Sweet events

Fram your festive day or event with your favorite flavors and the professional service of the patisseries

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