1950 – French pastry makes its appearance in the city of Ioannina for the first time. The founder Panagiotis Tsimis leaves Athens, after having worked at Maxim, Grand Bretagne and King George hotels and returns to his hometown to implement his vision.pagoto-special

1952 – The baklava takes the form of a spade: The «Spade Baklava», renamed the same year to the famous «Gianniotikos Baklavas».

1953 – First appearance of ice cream. Handmade ice cream was initially served in four flavours: Cream, Chocolate, Kaimaki, and the -famous at its time- «Kasato». Gradually flavours were enriched, with Moca Two-Two and Kaimaki becoming favourites of the public.

1955 – The first catering operation comes into scene under the brand name «DIETHNES». The catering and banquet festivities offered at the events are a huge success.

ekek-politiko-pagoto1970 – «DIETHNES» presents the first pudding in Ioannina. The excited citizens of Ioannina want to try this original dessert. Meanwhile the University of Ioannina brings lots of students in the city, who become regular clients of «DIETHNES» and spread its reputation. Today the same people keep visiting their «student haunt», ordering again their beloved flavours.

1980 – A new era for «DIETHNES». The wife of the founder, Evangelia, and his son Vassilis get into business! New ideas and flavours in cakes, chocolates and ice creams are presented.

1990 – The Pastry moves into modern era facilities, located at Spyrou Lambrou street.

2002 – New set of owned facilities, by the University Avenue, is completed. In it the management as well as the new workshops are transferred axladopita and technologically advanced equipment is installed. At the same time the new “coffee and dessert” shop is working. Since then «DIETHNES» started to create new points of presence in Ioannina and Epirus in general. Today – With the backing of its numerous customers, «DIETHNES» remains a benchmark in the city of Ioannina and is committed to offer more tasteful surprises in the future!